13 July 2012


Eric is standing on the edge of a building, he is looking at a building collapse in on itself and the dust rise suddenly. He is wearing a rough looking back pack with ornaments hanging from it. A cross bow is on his hip and a blade resting on the sides of both boots.
Walter walks over to him, “Well someone is having some fun aren’t they?”
Eric turns to him, “Let’s hope their fun doesn’t interfere with ours, eh?”
Melissa calls them over to her and the rest.
Haven begins speaking to them.
“Okay the proctor should be taking the stage and right after that my father will begin his speech.”
Michael, “So when do we do this? When will everyone be distracted enough for us to get into the coliseum?”
Melissa looks at her brother , “Distracted, brother?”
She does a little smile, “We are not sneaking in, Eric has us shielded from any eyes that’s how we got this close.”
“yeah but any closer and all those Knights and upper class will know we are here.”
Eric and the others look at Michael.
Michael confused, “What?”
Stephanie giggles and Cindy speaks, “It seems no one bothered to tell you this part of the plan.”
Stephanie, “We aren’t sneaking in.”
“We are the diversion kid, while the true attack readies itself to approach.”
“yes Michael, we have to give the signal to let them know we are in.”
Michael, “So what’s the signal?”
Haven and Melissa look at Eric.
Eric smiles, “Ah yes the signal.”
He walks near the edge facing the coliseum only several yards away.
He takes his pack off and reaches in pulling out what looks like dirt. He slaps his hands together while rubbing the dirt inside.
Eric, “Ignite!”
He has flames enveloping both hands. He makes a circular motion with both hands as a ball of fire forms.
Michael looks on, “ What the hell?”
Eric has formed a huge ball of fire. He sends it towards the coliseum. And starts shaping more fireballs only smaller, near basketball size.

The stage at the coliseum a few minutes earlier.
Luscious takes the stage, as he is walking on stage, the crowd stands to greet him.
Luscious, “Sit my friends, sit. I have waited so long for this day, if my beloved were here it would be that much sweeter. In a mere moment, my maturity will reach that grand plateau of the vampyr.
Just then the ground begins to shake slightly but not enough to disrupt anything.
Luscious, “Small tremors, well the price to pay for a good location.”
The crowd slightly laughs.
 “I can feel it now starting to grow inside of me. The pure power that comes on and instantly grants you strength that dwarfs your previous stage.”
He misses a step but doesn’t fall.
“It truly is amazing, soon it will be done”
Just then the huge fireball Eric threw lands right outside the coliseum. Causing an explosion and sending some guards flying engulfed in flames and screaming in pain.
 The audience is unsettled, then the smaller fireballs begin to rain down on the audience. Several are caught others are running.
Luscious, “What the fuck is going on?!”
He turns to the knight guard behind him.
“Don’t stand there like stone gargoyles, go! Go destroy whoever that is, now!”
Eric, “I’d say that was a good start.’
Michael, “a good start?!”
Haven, “Get moving, the guards will be here in moments.”
Everyone scatters except Michael and Eric, they are cut off  by two guards.
Eric, “Looks like we have been found out pup.”
Knight, “Hunter, isn’t this something? A reject and a loser.”
Stanley, “well Aaron I can’t tell which is which.”
Michael, “No more.”
Eric, “hmmm, I think the boy is finally getting it, you fellas might wanna back up, way back.”
Michael breathing harder and harder, “No more, no more.”
Stanley, “What the hell is this wolf dick talking about? No more what?”
Michael fully transforms into a fully matured were wolf. His fur is thick and black, with a blonde streak down his back.
Michael, “No more of this, shit!”
He rips one apart with his claws and jumps on the other and uses his jaws to rip him to shreds.
He is roaring and snarling.
Eric looking at Michael, “You still with me little fella?”
Michael stops, looks up, “I’ll kick you ass later.”
He runs and jumps off the building down to the streets.
Eric walking to the edge looking down, “you wish, blondie”
Out of the corner of his eye he sees something flying towards the coliseum.
Down on the streets there are vampires rushing the area at least two dozen.
Melissa stands before them alone, “All this for little me? I am flattered, but I’m already taken boys.”
Atop the wall on another side of the city we see Chad and Teresa  jump up heading towards the center of the city.
As they land on what is left of the Washington monument.
Chad, “it seems young Luscious is busy at the moment.”
Teresa, “Indeed, love but I see something over in that direction.”
Chad looks with Teresa, they are looking at Melissa in front of the vampires.
One of the vampires facing her speaks, “you weak flesh bag, you are not alone, who else is here and has the nerve to attack with the Lords of these lands within the city walls?!”
Melissa, “Me, but your right, I’m not alone.”
 She touches her amulet from the Grey Wolves.
Suddenly several portals open up with wolves pouring out.
The vampires are caught off guard.
“What the hell?!”
The wolves begin tearing the vampires apart overwhelming them with their numbers and ferocity.
The Imperial and there personal chaperones are still inside the coliseum, standing looking towards the fight out side of the coliseum.
A tall man looks back at the other royalty.
“Well seems we are going to get a little dirty today.”
A woman somewhere among the royalty, “So it seems.”
Then the hundreds of upper class and personal escorts empty the coliseum and head towards the wolves.  The two swarms clash in a bloody, loud mess with fangs, fur and blood flying.
Teresa and Chad are still looking.
Teresa, “I like that girl, too bad she is a human, but that can be corrected”
Chad, “true my beloved, I wonder where that scoundrel is?”
Teresa, “there.”
 she points  close to the fight on the streets. Saint is jumping from roof top to roof top.
 Saint he is thinking to himself.
Saint, “Okay that doesn’t look too good up ahead.”
He stops to see the streets below filled with wolves and vampires fighting.
Vampires are ripping heads and arms off the wolves and the wolves are mutilating vampires as well.
Saint, “Well I must say young one, you know how to kick up a ruckus.”
He notices some humans running trying to get to safety.
Two kids are running across the battlefield, it is a boy, maybe a teenager and a younger boy maybe eight. They try to avoid everything going on around them. They run into a wolf, he is looking down at the boys. They start backing up slowly. The wolf readies to jump on them. They are backed to a wall, they hug each other and close there eyes. The wolf jumps and is sliced in half from behind. It is Saint with his sword covered in blood.
Saint, “I think you can open your eyes now.”
The boys open there eyes, then look scared and close them again.
Saint, “What’s wrong?”
He turns to see three wolves running towards him. He stands ready to defend.
As the wolves are getting closer he is tightening his grip and clenching his teeth.
Then loud gun shots ring out all three wolves fall and slide to his feet, dead.
Saint looks to the source of the gunfire to see. Pastor James and  Lt. Venturnio.
Venturnio, “You actually thought we weren’t gonna be in this fight?”
Saint smiles and gives them a casual salute as he runs off in to the fight.
Pastor James and Lt. Priest Venturnio continue fighting , shooting and slicing wolves and vampire alike.
Joshua lands amongst the battle on his back.
Joshua sits up slightly and looks around at what is going on.
Joshua, “Wonderful, I am not getting mixed in this shit!”
Zykrel lands a few feet away from him.
Joshua, “Bout time, you got here.”
Zykrel, “Still full of humor before you die.”
Joshua gets up completely dusting himself off.
“Buddy, I am far from dying, and again, I wasn’t talking to you.”
Then a hand comes out of Zykrel’s arm, alarming him. A foot comes out of his left foot. He is screaming in agony, too much to speak. Eventually his whole body explodes with  pieces landing all around.
The  Copy is left standing there.
“I hate that damn spell, my dry cleaning bill is gonna be high.”
Joshua, “There isn’t any dry cleaners.”
They walk up to each other  looking  around at the battle going on.  After a brief moment of silence.
Joshua, “I’m not getting in it.”
Copy, “come on, we gotta.”
Joshua, “No we don’t,
I already did the travel chant, we are leaving in a few moments.”
Copy, “Plenty of time to have a little fun, what could happen?”
Just then a big explosion of red light erupts and is surrounding the coliseum. There are huge winged creatures circling in the light, when wolves or vampires get close they are destroyed by the flying beasts. The Joshua pair look at each other.
Copy, “Didn’t see that coming”
Joshua says nothing.
Over at the coliseum Haven, Melissa, Desmond and Gerald are standing inside the field.
Melissa has the large book under he arm.
Melissa, “Great can you hold this field here for me?”
Desmond, “Yes, priestess.”
Melissa, “Good, come on Haven.”
They walk towards the stage the coliseum is huge there are many stairs leading down to the area with the stage.
Luscious is on stage with the proctor and the orchestra.
Luscious, “I should have known, I am not surprised by this at all.”
He turns to the band and motions for them to leave, then the proctor. They move with haste off of the stage and out of sight.
Haven, “Father your time has come, I am sorry.”
Luscious, “You are in deed sorry son, but not the way you profess.”
He is walking slowly off the stage towards the team of usurpers. He does not seem to be unnerved at all.